Friends, we’re back.

I’ve played a number of solo shows over the last few months as we’ve been getting closer to booking studio time for the new record, but we haven’t played out as a band since last year, due to the arrival of three (count ’em three!) Sci-Fi Romance babies, and the attendant life-turning-upside-downness of that whole scene.

But Friday, August 22nd we’ll be descending on the Bohemian Shindig in Hollywood, which is a super-cool event featuring multiple bands on several stages, and (I think) 45 visual artists all exhibiting works. Our set is at 10:30 pm on the full-band stage.

Tickets are $15 bucks, but we’ve been graced with a huge guest list and can get folks in for nothing, so hit us up on Facebook if you want to come and we’ll get you taken care of. Here are event details: Bohemian Shindig on Facebook

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