Sci-Fi Romance Holiday Songs on iTunes

Just a heads-up as we plow merrily into the holiday season (it’s raining in Los Angeles, so it must be December…), our various holiday songs we’ve done over the lat couple of years are all available on iTunes, or from our Bandcamp store. Cheers! [youtube] iTunes [youtube] iTunes [youtube] iTunes

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

Two years ago, I released the fist Sci-Fi Romance album, …and surrender my body to the flames, and that holiday season, put out a version of my favorite traditional holiday song — and staple of Jimmy Stewart movies — Auld Lang Syne. It seemed appropriate, then, that with the release of our album The Ghost […]

For Auld Lang Syne

Spend any time at all on Turner Classic Movies, and you’ll hear Auld Lang Syne sung by a big group of folks. They’ll sing it on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthdays, or just when Henry Fonda or Jimmy Stewart has a nice day. It’s everywhere in movies made before about 1950. As someone who has […]