Rolling into the Retro-Future

Expert combination of actual Art Decostyle, and what we think of today whenwe imagine Art Deco. My dad is a big car junkie, and I remember as a kid he took me to some museum in Middle of Nowhere, Texas, that was basically some guy’s private classic car collection. As a result, I still love classic […]

Steamfolktronica – The Video!

There is now a video posted for the Mission 13 remix of When Breath Becomes Visible.  It’s sort of abstract, with a lot of bubbles, and some water, and a lot of words.  You know. And it’s in HD and everything.


Mission 13 has remixed the track “When Breath Becomes Visible,” otherwise known as Track 3 on …and surrender my body to the flames.  For those of you not in the know (which, honestly, is probably everybody) Mission 13 has provided original tracks for films of mine like The Return of the Forest Monster, Dali’s Hairs, and Anatomy […]