I’m quick to let people know that I used to play drums and do backing vocals/growling for metal bands. The most prominent of these — not that any were terribly prominent — was Black Spiral, and we put out our one-and-only album, Defeat, back in ’99 or 2000.  Something like that.  I played in other metal and rock bands as well, including a prog-metal band (I guess) that had a cello, which we used to play the keyboard parts on NIN and Ministry covers.  I so wish I had video of those shows.

But I do not.  You can, however, hear and download, and further enjoy the magic of Black Spiral.  I guess different things come to mind when people hear the words “death metal,” and outside of those fully steeped in the many hundreds of metal subgenres, folks might be a little fuzzy on exactly what that sounds like, and I wanted to go ahead and post one of the Spiral tracks for anyone who’s interested.

(And for those metal die-hards who want more specifics, I’d say that we were really more of a melodic death metal and thrash hybrid…)

This is me on drums and backing vocals, so all the “yeah”s and “humanity corrodes”es and stuff like that…that’s me.  Many, and eternal, thanks to Chris Crowson (Bass/Vocals) and Ryan Dawe (Guitar), who were the real creative forces behind this music.

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  1. No, I'm not much into death myself.
    I might have overlooked something but did you record a full album yet, and if so, where can I buy it? I've come to like it a lot as it's very different from the BM and blues rock I usually listen to.

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