Yes, SXSW is in full-swing in Austin, and while I once lived in Austin, that was a while ago. It’s cool, though, because the Couch by Couchwest festival is here for us all — those of us “too broke or too lazy to get off our couches and go to Austin.”

Over the weekend, we were shooting a music video for the first song off of our upcoming record, and Jody and I took a few minutes to step off to the side and record a version of the absolute classic “Goodnight Irene.” First recorded by Lead Belly, everybody has done this song, and I hope our version does it justice. Please let us know.


Incidentally, I sent my dad the link to the video and told him we’d recorded a one-off version of a Lead Belly song. After he watched it, he sent me a note back telling me that my grandfather (who died when I was one) used to play this song all the time. Total coincidence. Who knew?

The good people at CXCW posted a solo performance I shot on a tree stump in my backyard. I joked to them that if they didn’t have room for it this year, they could save it for the inevitable Stump by Stumpwest festival. This is the song “Tomorrow May Take You,” which will be on The Ghost of John Henry this May.


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