It’s a very exciting time for me, since the new album will be out on Tuesday and we’ll be playing our CD release show a week from tonight. We’re taking digital pre-orders here and physical CD orders here. It’s hard to quantify how much different this feels than when the first album came out in October, 2010. Metaphorically speaking, I created and released that thing in the dark dead of night. Nobody knew I was making it, and I just sort of flung it out into the world without any plans or expectations. This time around, I’m extremely thankful that I’m not going it alone — that Kurt and Jody are in this boat with me — and that somehow people got a hold of the first album and liked it enough to express interest in this one. So thank you.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you’re excited about the album and have a favorite music blog you read regularly, please do us a huge favor and reach out to them on their Facebook pages or blogs and tell them they need to hear and cover the new Sci-Fi Romance record. If you write to them, they will listen.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the early reviews of the record:

Thank you so much to the writers who have given us an early listen and posted about the record. We’re really flattered and humbled by the reviews.

Stay tuned. Next week, the album arrives. Until then, here are a couple of tracks you can download for free if you haven’t yet.

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