As I mentioned in my last post about our new song “Just to Win the Fight,” I’m a news junkie, but don’t care much for politics, so that has made this election year a difficult one for me. I made the comment to my wife, half-jokingly, that I wished Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne from NPR Morning Edition would just run for office already, because I trust them to tell me the truth.

Steve Inskeep Renee Montagne

My wife responded, “Who’d be Secretary of State?” Without thinking, I said “David Green,” and because we’re nerds, it went on from there.

Here, then, is a totally relevant and non-time-wasting rundown of how some of the top government positions might shake out, should the very real possibility of the hosts of NPR’s Morning Edition gaining elected office ever come to pass:

President: Steve Inskeep
Vice President: Renee Montagne
Secretary of State: David Green (former Russia correspondent)
Secretary of the Treasury: Kai Ryssdal (host of Marketplace)
Secretary of Defense: Carl Kasell (because it sounds like “Castle”)
Secretary of Energy: Robert Krulwich (Radiolab co-host and science correspondent)
Secretary of Education: Jad Abumrad (Radiolab host and MacArthur “Genuis Grant” recipient)
Attorney General: Nina Totenberg (legal correspondent)
Surgeon General: Shankar Vedantam (science correspondent)
Press Secretary: Ari Shapiro (White House correspondent)
Chief of Staff: Madhulika Sikka (Executive Producer)

Agree? Disagree? Any additions? Let me know in the comments. In a grueling presidential election cycle, it’s important to remember to have some fun.

Inskeep/Montagne 2012
I may actually put this on my car…

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