I like computers, they’re fine. Every piece of music I’ve recorded this millennium has been aided in some way by computers, although I usually try for as non-digital a sound as I can manage. Some people dinged us on the latest album for it not sounding “perfect,” but I wanted the sound of people making music, not something that came out of a can. So if I mis-fretted a note here or there or plucked a string a little too hard, what of it? There’s still magic in the work of people’s hands.

To that end, I’m thrilled to be able to tease out some info about the Sci-Fi Romance The Ghost of John Henry hand-made, silkscreened poster. LA-based illustrator and artist Mike Estano has designed, cut, and hand-pulled/printed some amazing, limited edition signed and numbered posters inspired by the album.
Mr. Mike, inking the first screen.
Halfway done.

We’re playing this Saturday night in Hollywood, and the posters will go on sale for the first time there. After that, I’ll post images of the finished poster and you’ll be able to get them from the Sci-Fi Romance website, or from me, should you happen to run into me someplace.

When Mike first ran the idea past me, he said his goal was to make something that would be artistically and aesthetically engaging, even apart from the music, and he’s more than accomplished that. These things are just itching to get framed.

Maybe by you…

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