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He sees her face the way a moth sees flame
But she don’t notice, she don’t feel the same
She tries to find herself in other arms
But all she ever finds are broken hearts

He circles her like a satellite
Hoping one day that she’ll understand
She’ll look his way, and if he gets the chance
He swears he’ll never let go of her hand
He’ll never let go of her hand

He confesses and she starts to pack
Neither knows if she’ll be coming back
He asks her to stay, but she shakes her head
And soon she’s crying in a borrowed bed

He screwed up but she’s his world
It wasn’t like he had this planned
It meant nothing but cost everything
If he had it back, he’d never let go of her hand
He’d never let go of her hand

Love can be terrifying
Love can be what the poets have said
Love can be undying
Love can hang by a thread

Lilies in a vase by the wall
How long they’ve been there, he can’t recall
He sees no light no stars no sun up high
Hasn’t felt alive since he said goodbye

Things got bad and then got worse
Everything they were dissolved to sand
He knew she could no longer feel his touch
But he never let go of her hand
But he never let go of her hand
He never let go of her hand

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